Why am I here?

As long as I can remember I’ve had my head in the skies. Watching the trails planes left behind while wondering where they were heading.

As the years went by I started to ride those trails and have visited numerous countries all over the world, living in a few along the way. Strangely I am always thinking about the next trip before the one I’m on has ended.

I have realized that while on the ground my head is still in the skies as I constantly find myself planning trips, alternative routes and looking for bargains. There have been many adventures with a lot of lessons learnt along the way and there are many more to come. So instead of boring my friends with my travel plans and my points and miles philosophies, I thought I’d write about them. Hope you enjoy!!

Published by

The Deal Traveller

Travel addict who loves nothing more than finding a good deal, even if it sometimes lands you in the wrong country for a day or two.

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