MOGL, Dinner and the Venmo Arbitrage 


Slowly but surely Virgin Elevate is ceasing to exist and is starting to end its relationships with its various partners. So time is running out for this one but hopefully they will transfer to Alaska at some point. 

MOGL is a dining program which is very popular on the west coast and slowly growing here in New York. Basically restaurants that sign up give cash back or miles to members who register a credit card on their site. The average seems to be 7% in NYC and I’ve seen up to 15% in San Francisco. Once you purchase a meal they instantly credit you which is great. 

You can either take the cash or convert to Virgin Elevate for 30 miles per dollar. They don’t seem to have any other airline partners at present but hopefully that will change over time. The best bit is many of the restaurants overlap with the traditional dining program which allows you collect for all of the major airlines. 

This means there is a potential triple dip on miles spent on food a drink. You can get up to 5 miles per dollar with MileagePlus dining (or any other partner), 30 Elevate per dollar accrued at MOGL and your normal credit card earn. 

If you pay the whole tab with a group of people and get them to pay you via Venmo or with cash there are a lot of miles on the table. Gets some friends together pick a restaurant and do some VARB’ing – Venmo arbitrage. 


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