Use your miles wisely and travel the world with Alaska Airlines partners. 


Alaska miles are some of the best in the business as they have partnerships with lots of airlines around the world including Emirates, Japan Airlines and British Airways. While they can allow you access to some of the best business and first class redemptions, there are also some great economy deals to be had. 

Within the US trans continental flights are the best value. It costs the same to travel from NYC to Boston as it does to San Francisco. 

For a little more you can tag on a trip to Hawaii and still spend a night on the west coast if you get the times to work.

There is also good value to Europe if you fancy going a little further. As you can see below both London and Rome are available for 20k and minimal taxes.

Finally if you want real bang for your buck. You can get to Hong Kong for 25K on American. Various route exist and the one below involves a layover in Dallas.

More and more airlines are charging high taxes and fees for mileage redemptions. Which in many cases make them absolutely pointless as fares keep dropping. You will see this with most British Airways fares you come across. 

 This is what is great with Alaska along with the fact that if you actually fly with them you get miles based on distance traveled, not the cost of your ticket. So if you cross the country a couple of times a year they are easy to accrue by flying. Earning miles in economy on a plane???? Get out of town. 


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