Golf, Beer and Steak – Make Frankfurt Hahn a layover option. 

Frankfurt Hahn has long been an airport that people love to hate. The fact it is closer to Luxembourg than Frankfurt does not help its case. 

One thing this airport does have is very low taxes and in turn very low fares and alot of routes. 

One thing the European airlines do well is hike up fares as soon as any major event is announced. Whenever there is a Champions league draw, what would have been a normal midweek fare from London to Barcelona or equivalent triples in price, as they know the demand will be there. 

Summer fares to the beach resorts of the Mediterranean also tend to be very high from cities such as London.

This is where our old friend Frankfurt Hahn comes in. Fares nearly always remain constant here but connection time are often less than favorable. Being a hub there are lots of early morning and late afternoon departures. This means the chances are you will have six or seven hours to kill which is not really enough to go anywhere. (Seeing as Frankfurt is five hours round trip on a bus) 

But fear not. Just off the airport grounds and a five minute walk is a perfectly good nine hole golf course. Rates are cheap, rentals were of high standard and the restaurant was excellent.

This was one of the most stress free and enjoyable medium layovers I ever had and would even route accordingly if I could make it work.

The next time you want to go somewhere and fares are putting you off, have a look at Hahn. Golf, beers and steak and you’re saving money. That’s the Deal Traveller way. 

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The Deal Traveller

Travel addict who loves nothing more than finding a good deal, even if it sometimes lands you in the wrong country for a day or two.

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