Release your inner #Avgeek and visit the Boeing Factory near Seattle

One of my favourite cities in the World is Seattle. While the weather may be far from perfect the city ticks every other box for me and I love visiting.
However for anyone with even a passing interest in aviation the real action is 25 miles north at Everitt. The future of flight museum gives you a guided tour of the biggest building in the world which is Boeing’s main factory where they currently put together their long haul range. 
Unfortunately cameras are banned inside the factory. Apparently one snap happy visitor dropped his camera from a viewing point onto the wing of a 747 causing a million dollars worth a damage. True or not it was enough for me to place mine in the locker provided. 

After a short video you board a bus and they bring you over to the factory and show you the various production lines. It is really amazing to see the different stages of production and be so close to the planes as they get built. When I visited we got to see the 747, 777 and Dreamliner lines. The tour takes place on elevated platforms so you are looking down on the people working rather than swarming around them which works very well. Once the tour is done you get back on the bus and drive around the tarmac before heading back to the museum.

The museum is interesting in its own right and it seems they change some of exhibits on a regular basis. You can sit it a mock cockpit and get up close to the engines which once again are impressive by their sheer size. Something you don’t really grasp when travelling onboard these planes.

It was also pretty cool to see on of the four dreamlifters while there. At the time I had no idea how rare they were and would have got a better shot.

Finally there are good vantage points to see the runway where they test the new aircraft. This could be particular fun on a busy day. There is also a hotel onsite where there are surely some very interesting aviation chats at the bar into the early hours.

It really is a fascinating place and worth a visit if you have a day to spare when visiting Seattle.

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