Final Call for Virgin Elevate partner offers

By the end of the year the Virgin Elevate program will be no more. While it’s sad to see it go, the new partnership with Alaska MileagePlan is exciting as there are some great mileage redemptions to be had in that program.

Virgin will close down its current partnerships at the end of September meaning there are just six weeks to collect those last few bonus miles. These will be worth 1.3 Alaska miles when converted and just 20,000 of those will get you to Europe. Below are some of the offers worth considering before they disappear. 

Virgin Wines

Virgin wines is a bit more expensive than it’s competitors up front but they offer 12 wines for $79.99 (rather than the usual 6) with a bonus of 2,000 miles for new members. Quality of the wine will vary but at under $7 a bottle it’s worth a shot with the last few weeks of the BBQ season still to come.


Peek offer activities all over the country ranging from walking tours to helicopter rides and everything in between. I visited the Noble Project Rum distillery in Brooklyn for $10 to collect this bonus of 500 points. Have a look there will definitely be something of interest. 


Texture is a magazine app which has a vast choice of online magazines to read on your phone or ipad. Lots of popular magazines are on there and if you read a lot it might be of use to you. The bonus hits after your first payment after a months trial so essentially 1,500 miles will cost $15. I have seen other offers out there which are cheaper but do not offer the miles. The choice is yours.


MOGL is the one I will be really sad to see go. It is a restaurant app which allows you convert cash back to elevate miles. It can be doubled up with other dining programs in lots of places and can really help boost a miles balance. Hopefully Alaska might sign a deal? Read more on the MOGL here:

These offers combined will net about 6,000 Alaska miles which is pretty close to a flight redemption. Certainly worth considering before they all cease to exist next month. 

Remember if you had an Elevate account last December you are due 10,000 Alaska miles just for signing up the mileageplan you can collect those here:

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