Cheap flights, Wine and Hundreds off your Phone bill with Virgin Mobile 

One thing that always seems to get more expensive year on year is the cost of using a mobile phone. Sure technology means we need more data and more expensive phones but the bills every month seem to just keep on growing. However there is a new entrant to the US market who’s opening offer is almost too good to be true.


Virgin mobile have linked up with Apple to offer an outstanding introductory offer and with a pretty good deal once it runs out too. Once you buy an IPhone through their webpage or at an Apple Store and link your current number, you get a years service including unlimited calls, texts and data for a single US dollar. (Aka $1) This rises to $50 a month after the first year runs out. So far so good. 

Along with the excellent rates you get access to the Virgin Inner Circle which gives you special discounts within the Virgin group. The opening offers include 20% off Virgin America/Alaska flights in the US, a companion pass for a Virgin Atlantic ticket to the UK, a third night free in a Virgin hotel and a reduced sign up to Virgin wines. 

They are offering iPhones from the SE to the 7 ranging from $279 to $800 which needs to be paid up front. Presumably part of this is to move stock before the 8 comes out later in the year and at that point who knows what will happen the sign up offers. 

Either way if you are near the end of a contract and fancy something new this really is a great deal. For me I see savings of about $900 in the first year, before taking  the flights and the wine into account. 


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The Deal Traveller

Travel addict who loves nothing more than finding a good deal, even if it sometimes lands you in the wrong country for a day or two.

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