Get prepared for the Airline Holiday Sales

Airline fares are an interesting beast, as we enter one the most expensive weeks of the year to travel we should also expect to see some of the cheapest fares being released for the first few months of 2018.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are notoriously expensive times to travel as people are willing to pay whatever it costs to spend time with family wherever they are based. My own plans this year for Christmas involve spending a night in Las Vegas and connecting from there to San Francisco, saving a significant amount of cash in doing so rather than flying direct from NYC.

However from the airlines point of view the busiest and most profitable time of the year is quickly followed by the quietest in January and beyond, they always reduce fares to help fill seats. Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts are becoming the norm rather than the exception.

So far only WOW have announced a Black Friday sale with 1500 $99 fares to Europe being released. But we can expect many of the others to do the same in the coming days and weeks. Last year Jetblue had their 12 days of Christmas sale which was a particularly good one offering transcontinental flights for under $200.

It’s well worth getting prepared and thinking about where you might like to go to escape those January blues. The best fares never last long so be prepared and have the conversations in advance this time so you don’t miss out and regret it.

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The Deal Traveller

Travel addict who loves nothing more than finding a good deal, even if it sometimes lands you in the wrong country for a day or two.

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