The Growth of Airbnb – Don’t forget the miles!!!

Over the past few years Airbnb has grown from strength to strength, never far from the news the company is now a legitimate competitor to both independent hotels and chains. They have changed the market so much that they are now the first thing people think of when they need a place to stay not an after thought.

As the site has grown two things have happened. 1.) it has gradually got more expensive and 2.) Hotels have become cheaper. Meaning nowadays the prices in major cities are pretty closely aligned. So what do you do?

I personally prefer hotels, I collect the points and enjoy the perks that come with them. Airbnb hosts on the other hand seems to have applied the Ryanair model of upselling and anytime I look, the add on charges after the advertised rates seem to be getting higher and higher. I don’t believe $150 cleaning charges for a two night stay in a studio and you shouldn’t either.

Meanwhile the website itself is becoming more and more crammed with “experiences” and is often hard to load and actually find a place to stay. On the flip side if you are travelling in a group it gives you options hotels simply can’t provide which can lead to a much better travel experience. The split payment option is also pretty cool.

Whatever your thoughts are, if you end up booking an Airbnb you should be collecting airmiles for doing so and many people don’t. As with the hotels you can now collect miles with some of the major Airlines for each dollar you spend with Airbnb.

Right now Delta are offering 50% extra miles bonus with all their partners so it’s well worth linking your accounts and taking advantage. Book through Just please don’t rent the tent in someone’s back garden in Seattle for $150 a night…. even if the cleaning fee is only $50 a stay.

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