Mileage Sweet Spots 3 – London to Madrid Club Europe 777 with Avios

Week three and another bargain Avios fare.

Each lunchtime British Airways operate a 777 between London and Madrid with its long haul business class seats available for purchase. I was quite excited to try these last year as I’d never flown backwards before. The flight leaves LHR around 1.20pm and arrives in Madrid with plenty of time to get into the city, checked in and out for dinner.

The full Avios fare is 12,750 and $40. As always and a great part of the program is you can pay more cash and less miles as you can see below. The cash price for this flight next month is £530 on the days I checked so this represents great value using your Avios.

The service onboard is really good and the T5 lounge in Heathrow, while big and busy does do a good choice of food and drinks and has some great runway views.

LHR is one of the best airports in the world for plane spotting. One downside was the plane was at a remote stand the week I took it but sometimes that’s kinda fun too as you get out on the tarmac.

This is a great way to travel between London and Madrid in a bed with lashings of wine for a very small price.

Iberia Avios deal – Madness or calculated risk?

Is the Iberia deal madness or well calculated?

9,000 Miles in advance for a $19 (now $40) flight sounds like madness to me, time will tell.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Iberia are offering 9,000 Avios in advance for every flight booked before June 24th aka Sunday. Miles will expire on December 1st so bookings must be made before then. I have mentioned in advance twice already because you don’t need to actually have to fly the flights to get the miles, in theory!!!

But maybe they aren’t mad? Competition in Europe is as high as ever. If you search the cheaper routes on google flights, Ryanair will pop up with the cheapest flight on most occasions. (Route dependent) So maybe they are having a dig and see profit in it.

Let’s face it award flights are offered on flights where there are empty seats, cheap seats are offered on flights where there are empty seats. As soon as some of the more established bloggers jumped on this today Iberia guaranteed that tens of thousands of seats on empty planes will have been sold well in advance, even if no-one actually ends up flying.

I have on good advice Iberia are not in trouble, but they are certainly making some sort of margin call. Redeeming the “free Avios” out of the US will no doubt be difficult and Iberia will make a lot of upfront cash out of this. On the flip side they allow you fly inter-europe for 4,000 miles. So loyal Iberia flyers will hopefully do well out of this.

I fear award seat availability will disappear on any popular routes ahead of the Avios posting. I also hope the Avios will post before the points guy posted!!

Either way I’ve bet $100 before and I’ll do it again. Let’s see how this plays out…

Collect IHG points with Grubhub

We’ve all been there stuck in a hotel with no interest in going out for the evening but still needing to eat. In recent times this has been made easier with the likes of Seamless, Yelp, Uber Eats and Grubhub delivery services. Most offer the same restaurants at the same prices, so who do you choose? as there is no real loyalty schemes that are of any worth.

If you happen to be staying at an IHG property they have come up with a new partnership to help you decide. Once at one of their properties an order with Grubhub through a link on the IHG site you will get 250 Points per order and a 500 hundred point bonus for your first.

Let’s face it you wouldn’t want to eat at the restaurants in many IHG hotels anyway so why not collect some bonus points for room service.

These points are not worth what they once were but are pretty easy to collect through various promotions such as Accelerate.While a Holiday Inn Express on the side of a motorway may not be all that luxurious, hotels like the Intercontinental Sydney certainly are and some Grubhub orders can help you get there.

St. Patrick’s Day 2018 in NYC – earn Miles with every Guinness.

Love it or hate it, St. Patrick’s day is world famous and can be a lot of fun. The parade and parties in NYC are on a scale matched nowhere else. The parade runs along fifth avenue and there are literally hundreds of Irish bars in the city to enjoy before, during and after. Many of which allow you earn points through the Dining plans which many of the airlines are signed up to.

In Midtown, the heart of the action, you can find 12+ bars which will serve you cold Guinness and allow earn up to five miles a dollar. If you don’t already have a favorite hangout you may aswell try some of them and get your miles.

Follow the link below for the United scheme. But a quick google search will allow you collect Alaska, Delta, American and several more. Lots of which have decent sign on bonuses. Only one card can be used per scheme at a time. But on a day like St. Patrick’s you can pick up a few bonuses but attaching different cards to different airline accounts.


An added bonus this year is St. Patrick’s is on a Saturday and Ireland will be playing England for a rugby grand-slam in the morning. They have only ever won two before so this is a very big deal for a lot of rugby fans and celebrations are likely to get out of hand if the result goes the right way. The Pig n’ Whistle (#9) is a great spot to catch that action from 10.45 Est.

Below are the bars that will allow you earn those valuable miles. Enjoy and Happy St. Patrick’s day!!! Maybe use the miles to visit Dublin next year.

–          4.)  Long Room

–          5.) Foxy Johns

–          6.) Carraghers

–          7.) Stout grand Central

–          8.) Blaggards Pub

–          9.) Pig n Whistle

–          10.) John Sullivans

–          11.) jack Doyles

–          12.) Long Hall

– 13.) The Triple Crown

Promotion: Long Haul BA Flights from 6,500 Avios. Including NYC, Dubai, Singapore and 87 others.

British Airways have today launched a great Avios promotion for the first six months of 2018. They have reduced the Avios needed for most long haul international flights by 50%. The program already has peak and off-peak rewards which makes today offer particularly tempting in many markets.

These fares have to start or finish in London, which is the only thing to be wary of. London has some of the highest airport taxes in the world making it more expensive to fly out of. But these taxes are not applicable when you fly into London.

As you can see a London to New York Fare here is a very attractive 6,500 Avios but with a fairly hefty $278 charge on top. This is made of taxes and the fuel surcharge BA insist on charging.

However the UK taxes drop off going in the other direction to $178. Still steep but certainly affordable. This can be combined with a cheap Norwegian flight or using miles to travel back with a different airline. Sadly taking advantage of open skies and flying from Paris doesn’t get around this problem as you don’t go through London.

There are 90 routes available in this promotion. Dubai and Singapore above again have fuel charges but a very low amount of Avios required. I will be playing with this for a few days and hope to find some more sweet spots.

If you have Avios in your account this could be a great way of getting more in seat miles per point.


Earn American miles with Groupon

Just in time for the Christmas season Groupon and American have joined forces to allow you earn AA miles on everything you buy. New customers can earn 1,000 bonus miles with a first purchase and then 5 per dollar spent.

This is slightly better than the current deal in place with Alaska which offers 4 miles per dollar with the same bonus offer for new customers.

Use these extra miles towards your Dreamliner trip between Dallas and Chicago.

Do your Christmas shopping on Amazon and fly for free on Jetblue

With Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday out of the way all roads now lead to Christmas. The most organized will have already bought all their gifts but I would wager most haven’t and spent more money on themselves yesterday than on others.

As you do your Christmas shopping this year don’t forget to collect those extra airmiles where available. One website that most people will end up using is If you click through your Jetblue account you will get 3 points per dollar spent and these can add up quickly..

There is no fixed chart for Trueblue redemptions. The cheaper the ticket the fewer points you need to book it. This has its positives and it’s negatives but as you can see below you need just 2600 points to travel between Long Beach and San Francisco in a couple of weeks.

The moral of the story is, collect miles wherever you can. Some redemptions are very low and you could be flying after a few holiday purchases on Amazon.

Thousands of bonus Delta Skymiles 

It’s been a few weeks since one of the majors came out with a mileage promotion but low and behold an email just arrived from Delta with possibly the best one yet. 

They are offering a 1,000 SkyMile bonus for every new partner you use. There are 25 potential partners including everything from shopping, hotels, credit cards, car rentals and back again. So some very easy miles to pick up.

Delta don’t publish a mileage chart so redemption rates vary vastly compared to the likes of United and Alaska where you know that collecting 12.5k will get you to the other side of the country for $5.60. But occasionally you can get bargain redemptions on Delta for as little as 5,500 miles. These can include routes like NYC to Miami so are really good value. 

Some really easy bonuses come from Airbnb and Lyft. A simple purchase on via sky shopping can pick up a 1,000 for a couple of dollars. The Dining program is also available and is one of the few I have not already signed up to. So there are a further 3,000 in bonus skymiles there if you meet the spend. 

If you received a mail from Delta sign up straight away. Personally I hope to have enough to get to Miami by this time next week. Happy Collecting!!

Earn Avios with and

I have previously written about websites such as Kaligo, Pointshound and Rocketmiles which offer sometimes very generous miles bonuses on top of hotel stays. These websites allow you to credit to a wide range of airline partners and a single stay at a higher range hotel can even end up earning enough miles for a free flight across the Atlantic. Rocketmiles 

However these bonuses usually come with some opportunity cost as the rooms themselves usually (but not always) come in at a higher price than the more established websites such as and This means it is important to place a value on the miles and is these sites are not always the best value. 

However if you are an Avios collector (which you should be) there is a way around this as both and have partnered with the Avios program and allow you earn 4 Avios per pound spend once you link through the Avios site. 

While the bonuses won’t be as valuable the hotel prices will be lower and you can still earn miles. Just a couple of thousand Avios can get you serious discounts in some Business Class cabins around the world. Best uses of Avios

As you can see above you need to click through the Avios website to receive the bonus miles. The top shot is off the normal website and the one below via the Avios site. The best bit is the price is exactly the same so you aren’t paying over the odds for the Avios. 

Hotels have become a better way of collecting miles than actually flying. It is always worth putting in a little extra research and comparing the prices. Sometimes the new sites will be worth while but with this trick you can earn miles on every booking.