A slightly crazy idea of how to get back from Vietnam after your Cathay Error Fare jackpot win.

So it happened – the deal of a lifetime became a reality. I expect many people booked as quickly as possible without a whole lot of research into how the are going to get to Vietnam for the outward leg and home from Vietnam on the return. As I mentioned I didn’t participate in this one but it could have played nicely into one of my goals for this year which is the take the Singapore Airlines longest flight for no other reason than I’m an avgeek.

Here’s an idea for you which may just work if you’re US based and mad enough and want to spend a few days jetting around the world eating and drinking in first and business class cabins and great lounges.

This idea works on the second leg. So make sure to credit the miles to Alaska if you are in first class on the outbound, you will receive enough miles for a JAL award later in the year as you can see in the chart above.

One of the great Alaska redemptions is the ability to travel from South East Asia to India via Tokyo in JAL Dreamliner business class for just 25k, an absolute steal. In this scenario we want to get to India to pick up a great Singapore Airlines fare back to New York.

Randomly enough Singapore offers great cash fares from Ahmedabad in India via Singapore to Newark on the highly publicized worlds longest flight. Fares between Delhi and Ahmedabad are very cheap and will position you to start the trip back to NYC.

Singapore Airlines have various dates available throughout the schedule currently from $1499, these have dropped as low $1200 and tend to fluctuate a bit. For the length of the flight it’s good value in business class and allows you travel on the worlds longest flight. It involves an A330 to Singapore and a pretty long layover, but so be it, it’s all part of the mission.

Before you know it you’re back in Newark after some serious hours in the air but why not consider it?? Three days ago you could only dream about traveling Cathay First why not tie in the worlds longest flight.

Amusingly you can credit Singapore to Alaska too. So between your Cathay accrual back to Vietnam and the Singapore accrual to New York, you’ll have enough Alaska miles for a rewards ticket back to Vietnam on Cathay Pacific……

Singapore Airlines Sale – Great fares US – South East Asia in the new year. 

Award winning Singapore airlines have just released some excellent fares between the US and South East Asia in the new year. The best prices are from Houston, San Francisco and Los Angeles starting at just $600. 

Singapore are operating some brand new A350s on these routes and the service has always been some of the best in the industry even in economy. While we have seen some fares from competitors in the same price range recently this is a bargain as many routes are available for most dates in a six month range between January and June. If you are planning to visit this region next year have a look at these fares sooner rather than later. 

If you choose to visit Bali make sure to check out our friends at Balibudgethousing.com for some great deals on accomadation.

A secondary deal also offers great fares to Europe from JFK for Krisflyer members this is a great way to cross the Atlantic on their A380. Both sets of deals are well worth checking out escape the US winter with Singapore Airlines. 

Fly the Dreamliner JFK – SIN for $311 with Norwegian 

Norwegian Airlines are rapidly expanding there route network are the world. Yesterday announcing routes from Chicago and Austin to Europe with their usual low prices and solid product on the Boeing Dreamliners. 
However it was their new route from London to Singapore which caught my eye. I am currently planning a round the world trip and looking to position myself in Asia for as little money as possible. 

$311 is a really good deal, to get all the way to Singapore and a little more to break up the trip and visit London. While you will inevitably spend some money onboard, actually having a stop and travelling on a Dreamliner rather than being 10 across down the back of a United 777 sounds like a big plus to me. 

I’m yet to go long haul with Norwegian but have only heard good things about there 787 routes. So may very well go for this option for my trip knowing the legs that will follow will be much more comfortable. 

I’ll be trying their new 737s later this month. So will review those soon.