Get ready to book!!! The Holiday Sales start now.

Travel planning is different for everybody some plan months if not years ahead, others are notorious for booking last minute often at higher prices and then you have the impulse buyers who can’t ignore a good fare and like a bit of adventure. Regardless of where you fall in those wildly different categorizations you need to pay attention to airfares over the next couple of months.

As the two main holidays of the year approach people tend to concentrate on both of them and allocate their travel funds accordingly. This is exactly why the airlines offer their best fares at the same time. Outside of Thanksgiving and Christmas/New year the lowest fares of the year are available all the way to May and even into the summer of 2019.

So if you are planning a trip to Europe or Asia next year now is the time to both look and book. If you follow sites such as Secret Flying you will see their findings coming in all day every day. If you have a destination in mind use Google Flights searches and see what days are cheap, you will be surprised. Another useful tool is the price tracker on Google Flights, this will give you email alerts when prices change on routes you like regardless of airline.

In the last week Frontier, Southwest and Alaska have been aggressively dropping fares in the US, while Virgin Atlantic and TAP are starting the show in Europe. We’ll likely see some sort of promotion from everybody in the run up to Christmas.

The morale of the story is whether you like booking way out or up close set your bucket list now and give the gift of travel this holiday season.

First Error Fare of the year Stockholm to NYC under €150 with Star Alliance Airlines

First great Error Fare of the year with full service Star Alliance Airlines Lufthansa, SAS and United. Lots of dates available Jan-Mar and while you have to start in Stockholm exits are available in several cities including Zurich and Brussels.

These are available via and are well worth a positioning flight. Book quickly and wait until ticketed before booking hotels and other travel. Here’s to lots of great fares in 2018.


A cocktail a day for $10 a month. Still sounds to good to be true.

A few months ago i wrote about an app called mealpal which for a monthly subscription allows you collect your lunch from a variety of places every day. It had a great sign up bonus with gave you a $50 amazon voucher which essentially bought your lunch down to $3 a day. Which if you live and work in Manhattan is pretty unbeatable.

The latest app offering something similar is called Hooch and it gives you a drink a day in selected bars in cities across the country for a monthly subscription of $10. A single cocktail in Manhattan usually costs in excess of this which makes this a no brainer in theory.

Over time it will surely change and there is already a premium plan and terms and conditions for certain bars but if your local is on here or you just like trying a few new places you may aswell give Hooch a try.

Static-BoxIf you fancy giving the app a go there is a link below which will get you your first month for $1 you then get your own link which can get you up to six months for free. Remember to tip the the bar staff and if you like the place, have a second one or a bite to eat. There is surely some double dipping opportunities with the airline dining programs and MOGL.

Hooch currently works in around ten major cities in the US and in Hong Kong, check it out enjoy a few free tipples.

DT will be trying out few venues in New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong in the next few weeks and will let you know how I get along.

*the dealtraveller encourages responsible drinking.

Let’s have a drink! Check out the Hooch App and get a free drink a day for only $9.99/month! Enjoy your first month for only $1 by using this link: 17791f

Error Fare: Lufthansa Stockholm to NYC – €235

Super Fare this morning available flying from Stockholm to NYC with Lufthansa with a Frankfurt exit possible. Lots of dates in Feb and March available.

This can be found on skyscanner and is bookable via Lufthansa directly which means it will very likely be honored.

Even if you are not based in Stockholm it’s worth adding a layover in to take advantage of this fare and fly on the Lufthansa A380 or 747-800.

Move quickly on this one as it won’t last.

Fare war between NYC and Milan.

Yesterday I wrote about the excellent Emerites fares between New York and Milan aboard their A380. Today United have undercut them and are offering round  trips from $350 out of Newark.

These are bookable on Momondo and are also excellent value. Much has been made of United’s service this year but I had a couple of very pleasant flights with them across the Atlantic earlier this month on the 767 that operates this route.

While I would probably still choose Emerites on this route if pushed, this is a solid option to get to Europe at an excellent price. Also the time of the departure out of Newark may be more suitable for connections to elsewhere in Europe.

Super value between NYC and Athens/Milan on Emirates

Emirates are back with their low fares from New York to Europe. Currently both their routes are on sale with wide open availability. Usually these offers are based on two people travelling, but this promotion allows individual bookings too which is a welcome change.

These flights are well worth considering if you are travelling to Greece or Italy. Milan also offers a lot of connections around Europe with the low cost airlines should you wish to use it as a gateway city.

From $445 you can take the flagship A380 from JFK to Milan. 

Or fly from Newark to Athens from only $392 which is an excellent fare on their 777.

Emirates economy is among the best in the world and has won countless awards. This is a great option to cross the pond in comfort with excellent service and entertainment options. Grab these fares while they are available. 

Error Fare Houston – Bangkok $235 Round Trip in January 

Error Fare value with Air Nippon this morning. $235 between Houston and Bangkok in January and beyond these flights have a stopover in Tokyo. 

Bookable via Momondo this is a super deal on a full service airline. Usually flights to Asia are in the $600-$800 range. As always wait until the flights are ticketed before making other non-refundable bookings. 

Error Fare – NYC – Bangkok from €185 Roundtrip

Insane value today between NYC and Bangkok in the new year with Air Nippon via Tokyo. These are available via and bookable in euros. Prices are starting at just €185 for a round-trip whereas they are usually approx $600 so a substantial saving. Lots of dates available as our routings originating from Houston and LAX. 

These are an error Fare so avoid booking anything un-refundable in case the airline doesn’t honour the tickets. 

Christmas in New York: Swiss Airlines London – NYC £300

Big Push on NYC today from Europe. There are fares available on Swiss Airlines from London via Zurich outbound and Geneva inbound to New York over the Christmas period. Usually fares at this time are much higher as you can see in the other deals as they are always unavailable during Christmas and new year. 

Swiss operate A300s on this route and offer excellent service. These flights will also accrue airmiles with Star Alliance. Booking is through Momondo. 

Christmas in New York is something to experience. From the tree at Rockefeller centre, ice skating in Central Park to some pretty serious shopping. You won’t find a better fare to get there from London this year.

United Airlines: Dublin – NYC just €273 Return

Last week we had Cork and Shannon and as expected today there are great fares from Dublin to NYC in November, December and early January with United Airlines. These start at €276 and are full service return fares with food, drinks, entertainment and will earn miles on any Star Alliance partner.

Available on Skyscanner and Momondo this  won’t be available for too long and is a much better option for crossing the Atlantic than some of the newer low cost options.